As leather furniture ages, our body oils, perspiration, skin acids, and other every day wear and tear can diminish the attractiveness of our leather furniture, giving off a drab effect amid the various dark spots and stains that come with regular use.

These dark spots and stains can come from:

  • Oils and Grease – Body oils both from people and pets can be easily transferred onto the leather, as well as seep into the side of the parts that see the most use. These oils and grease over time can result in serious damage to the leather’s protective finish.
  • Atmospheric Soils – These include dust particles, airborne cooking oils, dander, and other invisible air pollutants, which are produced by every day home activities. These floating particles can and will eventually find their way onto the leather furniture, contributing to dullness over time.
  • Common Soils – These types of soils can consist of dirt, sand, and other types of fibers from grass and plants. Commonly tracked into the home by children, adults, and pets; these particles will attach themselves to the leather furniture every time it gets used.
  • Dyes and Inks – Leaky pens, newspaper inks, dyed fabrics such as denim and other types of clothing are all guilty of contributing to spots and stains by transferring their inks and dyes to the leather. Without the proper solutions and equipment, these spots can be hard to remove without damaging the leather’s surface.

But don’t fear for your leather furniture, because Chem-Dry Executive is staffed with Certified Leather Specialists. Our specialists will perform a specific analysis and offer a solution tailored to the best interests of both you and your furniture, no matter what kind of leather. They are professionally trained to identify the type of leather your furniture is upholstered with and select one of our leather treatment products specially designed to gently clean and remove the buildup of soils, oils, dyes, and inks, as well as any other stain causing elements. They will then apply a leather conditioner designed to protect, revitalise, and replenish the natural beauty and feel of your furniture.

Restore Leather Furniture

In addition to spots and stains, it is not uncommon for leather furniture to endure scratches, scrapes, and nicks throughout its lifetime. These are all problems that our Chem-Dry Certified Technicians are professionally trained to address. They are able to apply a carefully selected pigmentation that will perfectly match the colour or your leather’s original tan, as well as revitalise the colour of even the most sensitive aniline leathers.