Area rugs and Oriental rugs that make for a gorgeous statement and are an appealing addition to any room of the house. Unfortunately, because of their beauty, oriental and area rugs are costly to replace. It’s also not uncommon for them to receive a large amount of foot traffic, which means the that they will get dirty over time and the possibility of a stain is inevitable. However, our Chem-Dry Executive professionals can assure you that dirt, grubbiness or a pesky stain tarnishing even the most loveliest of rugs doesn’t mean you have to roll it up and throw it out, or that you have to reposition it in order to hide the accident. Our technicians will conduct the utmost care and attention to detail so that your blemished rug can be restored to its original beauty and once again shine as a source of pride in your home.

Our Chem-Dry Executive team members are professionally trained in the cleaning and restoring of a wide range of rug types; from Persian, to Oriental, to Flokati, to traditional, to natural fiber, and beyond. We use only the most specialised and state-of-the-art rug cleaning equipment and tools which are specifically designed to restore your area rug to its original condition. Chem-Dry Executive is experienced with all manners of rug fibers; including wool, cotton, synthetic, silk, and various other types. (Not sure if your type of rug will clean up nice? Give us a call!) Our gentle yet effective cleansing and drying processes will not only preserve the dyes within the fibers of your rugs, they’ll also leave the colours of your rug looking vibrantly new and fresh again. And as an added bonus, the all-natural ingredients in our cleaning products don’t contain any harsh chemicals, which can leave sticky residues that attract dirt and grime. Chem Dry Executive results in a cleaner rug for much longer as opposed to more typical steam cleaning or shampooing  techniques.

You can leave your worries behind and put your trust in our expert technicians to take the utmost care of your prized Pakistan-Keshan or your revered Romanian-Tabriz. We evaluate each and every rug on an individual basis in order to provide the safest and most effective cleaning process, which we tailor specifically to your particular rug. Because of the various construction materials and vastly different styles that area and oriental rugs can come in, our Chem-Dry Executive team will be happy to provide you with a specialised in-home analysis of your rug, as well as prepare for you a no-obligation quote. We also have a list of some expert home rug cleaning tips here. 

Trust your finest rugs to the professionals at Chem-Dry Executive.

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