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Grouts, tiles, and stones with porous surfaces are absolute magnets for dust, dirt, grime, and all manner of unwanted particles. As these particles accumulate and build up on the surfaces of your tile, stone, and grout, they can very easily transform into a breeding ground for disease-causing bacteria and fungus.

But no need to worry about the potential health risks, because Chem-Dry Executive have a wide range of specialised cleaning solutions that, when combined with our powerful state-of-the-art suction equipment, work together to blast that unwanted dirt and grime up and out of the pores in your grout, tile, or stone; resulting in a vibrant and sparkling clean surface, as well as granting your stone a much longer and extended life.

Once our Chem-Dry Executive professionally trained technicians have thoroughly deep cleaned stone, tile, and grout surfaces to a pristine shine. They then apply a coat of highly durable sealant that has been specially formulated to protect these areas against the harsh and eroding effects of dirt, dust, and other various particles that would otherwise dull and tarnish your tiled surfaces.

Dublin’s Chem-Dry Executive is here to protect the health and safety of your home and family by eliminating the bacterial hazards that lie within the surfaces of your stone, tile, and grout.

Keeping your tile, stone, or grout clean can be a hard labour of love. But it doesn’t have to be a chore that you force yourself to suffer through, as long as you entrust that work to us. Make sure to get your bathrooms, kitchens, walls, and any other tiled or stoned surfaces professionally cleaned every 12 – 18 months. These areas will be easy to keep clean, healthy, and beautiful, as well as being able to withstand daily wear and tear while continuing to hold their vivid colour and shine.

Be sure to ask us here at Chem-Dry Executive about the range of tile-related services we offer. Give us a call and we can talk about grout colouring, grout colour repair, stone colour enhancing, and much more! We also offer a number of different premium services and packages that are specially designed to help you enhance, restore, and revitalise your floors, walls, counters, and other tiled surfaces to how they were originally intended to look: sparkling clean, eye-catching, vibrantly coloured, and as fresh as when they were first installed.

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Ask us about grout coloring, grout color repair, stone colour enhancing and other services today! Additionally, our premium services can help you enhance and revitalize the look of your floors, counters, walls and other tile and stone surfaces.