Chem-Dry Executive offers a fully specialised and certified mattress cleaning treatment. It’s just another one of the ways we work to keep you and your home healthy and safe.

Why should I clean my mattress?

Chem-Dry Executive’s mattress cleaning procedure is proven to help you get a better night’s sleep while relieving your allergies through our removal of bacteria, dust mites, dander, viruses, and spores. We eliminate these pests by cleaning away allergy-causing dead skin, dried sweat and bodily fluids, and various moulds. Mattress cleansing can make a huge impact on the sleep quality and health of millions of allergy sufferers worldwide.

What is the health benefits of having my mattress cleaned?

Ireland is home to over 470,000 people suffering from Asthma, as well as the 1 in 10 who are victims of Hay Fever. A clean mattress is vital to our respiratory heath and general wellbeing. Because there are so many different forms of bacteria and viruses that will accumulate on, in, and around your mattress, they often negatively impact our everyday health by contributing to asthma, hay fever, and allergies. Getting your mattress cleaned is one of the better things you can do to improve your general health.

How does Chem-Dry clean a mattress?

We provide a Chem-Dry Executive mattress-cleaning service, which includes a specialised full sanitising treatment. We use our signature cleaning solution, called The Natural®, to naturally kill off the bacteria, spores, and viruses that are detriment to your health and quality of sleep. The Natural is a non-toxic, all natural, and safe cleaning product that our Chem-Dry lab engineered with ingredients copied from Mother Nature’s recipe.

How long will it be before I can use my mattress?

Our Chem-Dry Executive mattress-cleaning technicians will strive to have your mattress ready to be used within just 6 hours of cleaning; meaning that you can look forward to coming home from work to a fresh mattress and a good night’s sleep. Using our all-natural patented cleaning system, our Chem-Dry technicians will be able to identify any possible issues before they start their work during a routine mattress pre-inspection.

How often should I have my mattress professionally?

A mattress cleaned and treated by Chem-Dry Executive will come back without 99% of the dirt, dust, odours, and mites that it left with. If your mattress is used nightly, then we recommend that you have your mattress professionally cleaned once a year.