As lovable, cute, and sweet as our beloved pets can be (or as grumpy, rebellious, and funny-looking as they sometimes are) we here at Chem-Dry Executive love our pets. They provide us with unconditional love and support, as well as companionship, along with all kinds of silly stories. And as much as we love them and they love us, they can sometimes make it quite the challenge keeping our homes healthy, clean and smelling fresh.

If you own a pet, then you know that accidents can and do happen. When a pet has the occasional unfortunate accident, the cleaning process can be difficult and time-consuming, sometimes still leaving and odour. The tougher task is knowing – and finding – where past accidents have happened, even ones that you might have never even known about. Just because you can no longer see the accident doesn’t mean it’s not there, trapped in the fibers of your carpet, rug, or upholstered furniture.

Fortunately Chem-Dry Executive here in Dublin can not only identify where pet accidents have happened in your home, we can also eliminate any pet urine odours from your carpets, rugs, and furniture. Our team at the Chem-Dry labs has engineered a revolutionary cleaning product that we’ve named P.U.R.T.® (Pet Urine Removal Treatment). Our specially formulated P.U.R.T. solution identifies the source of the pet urine odour, and upon contact begins a swift and immediate chemical reaction designed to destroy the odour at its source. Even the most severely urine-damaged fibers have shown excellent improvement results after Chem-Dry’s P.U.R.T. treatment.

How P.U.R.T Works

  1. Using a blacklight or a specially designed penetrating moisture meter, a professionally trained Chem-Dry Executive member will find the source of the odour and determine the best course of action for treatment.
  2. The very worst of cases will require them to pull up the carpet for further evaluation, but even so, we will replace any necessary padding.
  3. If required, the technician will administer an odour blocking resin to the sub-floor.
  4. After the necessary preparations are completed, the affected area will be rinsed with our specialised carbonated deep cleaning solution. Any remaining liquid or loosed urine crystals will then be extracted with hot water.
  5. After the rinse, we will apply the P.U.R.T. solution most generously to the tack strip, sub-floor, baseboards, and carpet backing.
  6. For the next 24 – 36 hours, our P.U.R.T. system will put in work on permanently dismantling the elements causing the odour, leaving behind no traces or remnants; just a fresh smelling and newly clean carpet.

If you have had an accident in the past and need some help, check out our expert cleaning tips.