Every business owner has a responsibility to keep their place of business as safe, comfortable, and clean as they possibly can. Apart from the obvious legal obligations to do so, it also makes sense from a commercial point-of-view as well.

Employees are likely to work more efficiently and cheerfully when they are working in good conditions, and where they feel their employer genuinely cares about providing a decent workplace. Customers, suppliers, and business associates are also much more likely to want to engage in business with you when your place of business is well maintained, comfortable, clean, and safe.

One of the ways you can ensure your business doesn’t lag behind in this area is by having your carpets professionally cleaned on a regular basis. In this scenario, the term “professional” doesn’t just mean anybody you pay to do the job. It means somebody who is highly skilled and knowledgeable about the business of cleaning carpets. You want to choose carefully and well, to ensure you are getting the best value for what you are spending.

As a case study example, consider the difference in the kind of training provided in professional carpet cleaning companies such as ChemDry Executive compared with a run-of-the-mill cleaning company that can only survive in business by offering massively discounted rates. Of course, in order to offer such discounts that they can remain competitive against larger companies, corners must be being cut somewhere. Most often it is the area of training that falls by the wayside and gets neglected.

ChemDry treats carpet cleaning as a serious business, and all of our employees receive very thorough training.  In fact, because their cleaning methods are so innovative and different from the mainstream, that emphasis on quality training is an essential element for our continuing success.

So when it comes to having your carpets cleaned, you should really only choose those providers who have a demonstrated track record of excellence, and who show the kind of professionalism that you would expect from expert carpet cleaners.

When you accept something less than this, the results could be very disappointing, not to mention costly.  An issue to be aware of is that when your carpets are not cleaned competently, it can lead to serious problems.  Such problems include the potential loss of the carpet (which is going to be quite expensive to replace), possible health problems due to bacteria and moulds that may be present inside the carpet, and perhaps even damage to the floor under the carpet, which again can cost you many thousands to repair.

Some of the clear advantages of working with a truly professional carpet cleaning service include:

  • Assurance of quality
  • Access to expert knowledge and advice
  • Reduction in the length of waiting time before the carpet can be used after cleaning
  • Cost savings through extending the useful lifespan of the carpet and flooring
  • Health benefits from providing a superior level of cleaning.

By maintaining your carpets well, you will create a better environment for everyone who must attend your place of business, and the results will show.