Carpets can add an undeniable touch of style and warmth to any space like no other flooring option can. This is the number one reason why homeowners across Ireland favour carpet over most other types of flooring for living rooms, bedrooms, entrance halls, etc. Unfortunately, to keep that comfort and cosiness, cleaning your carpet(s) will become a big part of your daily life.

Spills and accidents will happen as will general day-to-day wear and tear, so it’s essential that you keep on top of your game when it comes to maintaining your floor(s).

Apart from keeping them looking good, there are so many other reasons why carpet needs to be cleaned regularly…

1. Carpet that looks new without the hefty price tag

No one likes the look of unkempt and uncared for carpets. It can make an otherwise beautiful room look really bad so what’s the point in ruining a space that you’ve worked hard to decorate for the sake of a few Euro?

Getting carpet cleaners to professionally clean your carpets by  is the best way to have flooring that looks brand new without having to fork out a large amount of money.

2. Prolongs its life

Having your carpeted flooring cleaned regularly will undoubtedly prolong its shelf life. If you have invested in a high quality carpet that you would like to have for many years, proper cleaning will condition its fibers and keep them looking like new for longer.

3. Improves air quality

We know that fibers can trap dirt, dust and many different types of harmful airborne pollutants that are floating about without us knowing they’re even there.

By cleaning your carpet a couple of times a month, you can completely remove those pollutants and massively improve the quality of your indoor air. This is especially important if you or any one of your family members suffer with a respiratory condition or allergy.

4. Removes stains

Spillages and accidents will happen wherever there is carpet – this you can be sure! If these spillages are not cleaned immediately they can result in stains that look unsightly and they can affect the quality of your flooring over time.

When you have your carpet cleaned, the cleaning process removes all traces of stains that could potentially damage it.

5. Protects your guarantee

When you invest in a high quality carpet, you’ll be given a guarantee that protects your investment. This guarantee gives you additional peace of mind that, should anything happen to your carpet which is outside of your control, you have some element of comeback with your supplier.

That said; your guarantee can be deemed invalid if you don’t take proper care of your carpet, which is reason enough to have a regular cleaning routine.

6. Deodorisation

Cleaning your carpet regularly acts as a way of deodorising it. This means that it eliminates any nasty or unpleasant smell that can deeply infiltrate its fibers over time.

Apart from a really good deep clean, there is no other way to get your carpet and rugs smelling clean and fresh. Spraying chemicals will just mask smells and not get rid of them.

Unfortunately, it’s not enough to just vacuum your carpet if you want it to be both physically and hygienically clean. Make an investment in regular cleaning with a reputable company, such as ChemDry Executive, and your carpet will thank you for it.