Carpets tend to accumulate bacteria, dust mites, dirt and allergens over time. In turn, the appearance of the carpet diminishes, bringing down the overall appearance of the room, not to mention deteriorating the air quality and health of those who inhabit the building. Regular carpet cleaning is essential to ensuring a room looks its best, that the air quality is healthy and to prolong the life of the carpet. Having said this, if a carpet is cleaned incorrectly, using unsuitable products or methods, you can serve to only cause further damage.

Many people make the assumption that carpet cleaning can be easily handled by themselves. Some scrubbing with some supermarket carpet cleaner and the carpet will be as good as new, right? Well unfortunately, more often than not, this isn’t the case. To get your carpet restored good as new takes a professional deep clean using a variety of specialty products and techniques. If you don’t use the right products or cleaning techniques to suit your carpet materials, the results can be pretty scary.

  1. Discolouration

If you use the wrong cleaning product or techniques, apply too much product or leave it settle a little too long, you could find yourself with a discoloured carpet or even worse, patches of discolouration dotting your lovely carpets. Even using too much water can serve to run the colour of your carpet permanently.

  1. Dampness

Incorrect cleaning products or techniques can also end up leaving your carpets damp for several days. You can turn up the heating as much as you want but getting rid of dampness in carpets can be quite difficult. In the process, the dampness can also wreak havoc on the flooring underneath. If the carpets remain damp for days on several occasions, you may end up causing irreparable damage to the flooring or surface underneath.

  1. Unpleasant Odour

The dampness alone can result in an unpleasant odour rising from the carpets. The use of incorrect cleaning products can add to this and also leave an unpleasant smell that could encapsulate the room and disturb the comfort.

  1. Build up of Mould

Where a carpet remains damp for days, this can eventually lead to a build-up of mould. Even using home carpet cleaning machines cannot be enough to soak up all the water that was used to clean the carpet and mould will begin to grow.

  1. More Susceptible to Soiling/Stains

When you clean the carpet yourself, you may leave a film of cleaning product on the surface which can lead to a much quicker build of dirt and bacteria and leave the carpet more susceptible to staining from spills or contact with dirt.

  1. Little Difference in Appearance

Despite your best efforts and rigorous cleaning, you may find little difference in the appearance of your carpet after cleaning it. This can be due to incorrect products or techniques used or an inability of the products used to remove much of the soil or stains.

DIY carpet cleaning may seem like the most affordable option but, in the long run, you could end up costing yourself a whole lot more by quickly reducing the quality and appearance of your flooring. Getting your carpet professionally cleaned removes the threat of long-term damage and saves you a lot of money and hassle!