Red wine is a dinner and party staple. However, since the Emperors of Rome have been spilling it on their togas, we have had to figure out how to clean the dreaded red wine stain out of fabrics, carpet, and all other sorts of absorbent materials. This has given us a dizzying, if not sometimes contradictory, array of potions and procedures for effective red wine stain removal. In answer to this confusion, here is a list of tried and tested methods of eliminating red wine stains.

  1. Work fast. The main trick with red wine is to act quickly. The longer it sits, the stronger it sets and the more damage it will cause.
  2. Blot excess wine. Depending on how much wine was spilled, blot first. Use an up-and-down blotting motion to absorb the wine, not a side-to-side rubbing motion because that will force the stain deeper into the fibres. Work from the outside of the spill area towards the centre in order to avoid spreading the colour over a bigger area. It is best to use white napkins as paper as some cloth dyes may transfer during clean-up. For carpets, gently blot as much liquid as you can. When it starts to get difficult to blot out the liquid, apply some cold water to dilute the stain and continue to gently blot. This repeated technique will get most of the stain out.
  3. Apply salt. Salt is the first choice for cleaning freshly spilled wine. Heap a generous amount of salt onto the stain while it is damp and let it sit. The salt granules gradually pulling the moisture from the stain and out of the material. If the stain has somewhat dried before applying the salt, add a little cold water (or club soda) to the area so the salt has moisture to work with. As the salt sits over the next few hours it will slowly turn pink. You are ready for the next step once the stain has dried. Remove the excess salt and vacuum up the remainder. With carpets, if a salty residue remains, dilute with a little cold water and then vacuum again.
  4. Other options. If you do not have salt readily available, use a 3:1 baking soda and water paste. Spread a thick layer over the stain and keep the area moist by periodically spraying with water. This also keeps the stain from setting. Once the stain has been removed, vacuum as usual
  5. When all else fails. When nothing else works, turn to the reliable and trusted Chem Dry Executive who have specialist stain removal products Chemdry Executive uses hot carbonated extraction, which is a drier process than using steam making it even more effective. In the end, given that its unique hot carbonated extraction system provides for a deeper, healthier and faster cleaning experience, this will be your best option for removing stubborn red wine stains. Additionally, having your carpet protected with ChemDry Executive’s Dual Guard Protectant will make life so much easier for lifting everyday stains and even wine stains!