The Christmas holidays are a great time  for all things family, friends, and fun. With all these things to keep you busy the last thing you want to be doing is worrying about a clean house. This season stay on top of the mess by dividing your cleaning tasks into doable chunks and keeping on top of maintenance by keeping the following tips in mind:


  1. Stock up on cleaning supplies. Keep sets of cleaning supplies around the house and not just in one location. That way, you can clean up small messes as soon as you see them rather than let them snowball into bigger problems that require more cleaning time. For instance, keep a sponge near the bathroom sink for giving it a quick wipe down every couple of days. Stock up on your favourite cleaning provisions including laundry supplies and make sure you have enough to get you through the Christmas period.


  1. Keep floors and carpets at the forefront of your chores. A nightly kitchen sweep goes a long way as does a quick vacuum. Make sure to empty your vacuum cleaner before the season hits and check that you have spare bags and a motor belt in storage. Be ready for the typical Irish weather by placing mats on both sides of the front and back doors. If your household is like most others, you’ll be startled to see how much dirt and mud is quickly picked up by the inside mat. Keep a boot tray by the door for snow or rain soaked footwear as well as a bucket for wet umbrellas. Also you could use Chem-Dry Executive to give your carpet a much needed deep clean to revitalise them for the Christmas period.


  1. Know what to do with winter clothing. Develop a strategy for handling wet coats and other clothing. Make sure everyone knows where to store dry hats, gloves, and scarfs. Remove unnecessary items from closets to make room for cold-weather clothing and ensure all hangers are sturdy enough to handle heavy coats.


  1. You must de-clutter. Every time you go upstairs take an item with you that belongs there and vice versa. You can also make this a rule when travelling between other rooms of the house or even the garage. Additionally, leave the dining table set at all times as this keeps people from using the table as a dumping ground.


  1. Sort out your towels and linens. Give all towels and linens a thorough cleaning so they are ready for the holiday rush. Have them organised by sets near the area of deployment.


  1. Wash your pets and sanitise their area. Wash all the pet items including pet beds and clean-up towels before the Christmas season hits. If your pet lounges on the furniture, place a washable upholstery cover in their favourite places that can be quickly removed when guests arrive. Groom your pets frequently and always outside. Period.


  1. Organise your kitchen. Clean out the refrigerator by removing everything, checking expiration dates, and throwing away everything that’s out-dated. Wipe down everything that is going back into the refrigerator and the shelves that they’ll be going on. Clean out your kitchen shelves as well and prewash any baking or cooking dishes that haven’t been used recently. Finish by doing an inventory of basic supplies and stocking up on what’s needed.


Taking our advice and making sure that your home is in good shape once the Christmas lights are turned on will ensure that your holidays are spent enjoying time with family and friends rather than cleaning up around them. After your holiday visitors have gone back home why not call ChemDry executive to have your rugs, caropets or tiles thoroughly cleaned. You can then sit back and relax