Caring for the environment is an important responsibility of modern living. We’ve all had those nightmarish post-apocalyptic scenarios drummed into our heads in school to show us what life will be like if we, as a species, do not collectively change our ways. The good news is that it’s getting easier all the time to make positive changes that help the environment without a lot of extra effort or expense.

One of the most exciting new developments is the Green Carpet Cleaning service from ChemDry Executive. Despite the name, they actually clean carpet of any colour. The “green” part of the name is supposed to imply that they are environmentally responsible.

Fairly obviously, ChemDry uses carpet-cleaning techniques that require a lot less water than traditional cleaning methods. But something that’s a bit less obvious at first glance is that ChemDry has always been an innovator in providing safe, environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. The chemicals they use are non-toxic (not just good for the planet, but for your family and pets as well), and are chosen to help prolong the life of your carpet.

One of their most interesting innovations is a method trademarked as The Natural®. It’s a very interesting cleaning method that is quite different to anything in use elsewhere. It is a non-toxic, safe, environmentally friendly carpet cleaning solution containing no harsh chemicals. This is ideal for anyone who cares about the environment as much as they care about having clean carpets.

It’s also ideal for people who suffer from allergies, as the cleaning process removes many potential allergens from the carpet, and it also does not introduce any new allergens because it does not rely on detergents or soaps. There are no phosphates or other harsh chemical compounds involved.  The process does not leave any noticeable traces behind. The only thing you’re left with is beautifully clean carpet.

ChemDry provides a lot of advantages in comparison to steam cleaning. What many homeowners don’t realise is just how unhealthy steam cleaning really is when it comes to cleaning carpets.

Because steam cleaning involves pumping huge amounts of water vapour into the carpet, this creates a lot of moisture inside the carpet surface. As anyone who has attended secondary school science classes and paid attention to the lessons will know, moisture is one of the key ingredients for providing ideal conditions for bacteria to grow and multiply.

A carpet that has been cleaned with steam can take up to 48 hours to dry, and sometimes even longer.  Few families have the patience to wait for it to dry and may start walking over the carpet before they should, which will definitely make the problem worse. The wet carpet will usually contain detergent residues, which now become a source of nutrition for bacteria, and on a microbial level you get tiny amounts of mould and mildew beginning to form, and you’ll begin to notice that unforgettable wet carpet smell.

ChemDry’s method is so much better. It does use some moisture, but far less than other methods. Their natural carpet cleaning method is specially engineered to drive dirt particles out from deep inside the carpet surface (where steam cleaning can actually force the dirt particles further in).

It works by using what they call ChemDry Hot Carbonating Extraction, and as you can probably guess, this means injecting really hot bubbles into the surface of the carpet, a method that requires 80% less water than steam cleaning, doesn’t require the use of detergents and soaps, dries in 2 hours or less, and uses only natural ingredients.