Mattresses are a breeding ground for all kinds of microbes and bacteria. They may look fine on the surface but deep within the material of your bed is a miniature world of filth and decay. In fact, instead of slumbering on a familiar cloud, most people are actually rolling in an invisible cesspit. There is a repulsive residue of sweat, oil, dust, dirt and flakes of human skin inside most mattresses, as well as legions of tiny beasties happily reproducing and munching away on all the leftovers we unwittingly leave behind.


The following facts reveal five disgusting truths about your mattress.


  1. Dust Mites


These hardy little critters thrive on dead flakes of human skin and live within our sheets, pillows and mattresses. They leave behind detritus, i.e. faecal matter, which is then breathed in during our night’s slumber, which significantly contributes to allergies and asthma. Scientists have estimated that the weight of a two-year-old pillow is roughly 10 percent dust mites and their droppings and that the average bed contains between 100,000 to 2,000,000 dust mites.


  1. Fungi and Mould


Each night as we sleep, our breath releases significant moisture. This moisture can encourage the growth of fungi and mould that seeps into the mattress and is impossible to get out. Micrococcus, Rhizopus and Cladosporium are some of the common nasties that can cause serious harm to those exposed to them.


  1. Sweat


Everyone knows that sweat has an odour to it. It also contains hormones, salt and other chemicals. Night sweats are totally natural but can be increased by alcohol, stress, rigorous exercise and certain foods. Not all sweat gets trapped in the bed sheets and pillows; much of it passes through into the mattress and accumulates, slowly creating its own unique funk. Some studies claim the average human sweats approximately one litre per night. Whether this is accurate or not, even a miniscule amount of sweat being absorbed by a mattress over weeks, months and years adds up to a pretty rank cocktail of ingredients to be rolling in night after night!


  1. Body Oil


The human body is covered with sebaceous glands that help keep our skin well oiled. Every night we leave traces of this oil on our sheets and pillows and some of it makes its way into the mattress and it generally stays there. All oil has a shelf life before it goes rancid and human oil is no exception.


  1. Dirt and Grime


No matter how clean we believe we are, tracking dirt and grime into the bed is a given. Factor kids, pets and the odd midnight snack into the mix and it all adds up to a fiesta of filth that keeps steadily growing with each passing year.


While nobody likes to hear unpleasant truths, it is important to know that our beds are never as clean as we may think they are. Dwelling on these terrible truths may not be conducive to a good night’s sleep but they can certainly help one become more vigilant about prevention and regular cleaning. The only true way to get your Mattress cleaned is to get a professional like ChemDry Executive to do the job! With our expert mattress cleaning methods and products, we can help get rid of any unwanted dirt & Bacteria from you cosy bed!